These elements of our Doctrine are adapted from our Statement of Faith. A full copy is available upon request.

1. The Bible: We believe the Bible is the Word and Revelation of God to man consisting of sixty-six books known as the Old and New Testaments; it is inerrant and infallible as originally given; every word and thought in it is inspired by God; it is the final authority for faith and life; and it is to be interpreted according to its normal grammatical and historical meaning.

2. . The Triune God: We believe God exists eternally in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – each co-eternal in being, co-identical in nature, co-equal in power and glory, and having the same attributes and perfection.

(A) We believe God the Father is eternal, invisible, omniscient, and immutable; that He loves the whole world and draws people to Jesus Christ, honors those who serve Jesus Christ, has assigned all authority to Jesus Christ, loves those who love Jesus Christ, and sends the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ; that He is over all, through all and in all; that the Father rules and controls all the earth and lovingly provides for His own; that He foreknows all who will be saved, that He answers the prayers of, lovingly disciplines, and lavishes His love upon His saints.

(B) We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second person of the holy trinity; that He is God incarnate conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary; that all things were created by Him and for Him; that He became a man in order to reveal God to man and redeem sinful men by His death on the cross; that our justification is made sure by His literal, physical resurrection from the dead; and that Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven and is exalted at the right hand of God the Father where, as our High Priest, He fulfills the ministry of Intercessor and Advocate.

(C) We believe that the Holy Spirit of God convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment; that He draws lost individuals to Christ; that He is the agent of God in the new birth (regeneration); that He baptizes every believer into the body of Christ at the moment of salvation; that He seals every believer in Christ until the day of redemption; that He helps believers understand and live by the Holy Scriptures; and that He is sovereign in giving spiritual gifts to every follower of Christ in order to build up the church and equip its members to do the work of the ministry.

3. The Devil: We believe Satan is a created being, a real person who is the author of sin and the cause of the Fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden; that Satan is the openly declared enemy of God and man; and that he shall be eternally punished in the Lake of Fire.

4. Sin: We believe sin is violation of God’s laws and that since Adam every human is born in sin; that when a non-believer sins they obey their natural tendency which can only be remedied by the salvation described above; and that when a Christian sins the only remedy is confession and repentance, which always results in spiritual cleansing, and sometimes results in healing, but does not necessarily result in relief from the physical consequences of the sin.

5. Salvation: We believe the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and salvation is a free gift from God by His grace; that salvation is a new (spiritual) birth received by personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior from sin and confession of Jesus Christ as personal Lord; that it is not as a result of any human works; that it is offered to every lost sinner without exception; and that every believer is commissioned to share the Gospel with the lost for the purpose of encouraging them to obtain salvation according to the Scriptures.”

6. The Return of Christ: We believe in the premillennial, personal, physical, and soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ for the rapture and ultimate redemption of His Church and the final judgment of all the wicked.

7. The Church: We believe the Church is the Body and Bride of Christ; that it includes every born-again person and only born-again persons; that the establishment and continuance of local churches is clearly taught and defined in the New Testament; that the local Church is self-governing and is free from any and all external human authority or control; and that the ordinances of the Church are water baptism and the Lord’s Supper

8. The Resurrection: We believe in the bodily resurrection of every person – the saved to eternal life and the unsaved to judgment and everlasting punishment; that the souls of the redeemed are, at the moment of death, immediately absent from the body and present with the Lord where in conscious bliss they await the first resurrection when spirit, soul and body fully reunite to be glorified forever with the Lord Jesus Christ; and that the souls of unbelievers remain, after death, in conscious punishment and torment until the second resurrection when, with body and soul fully reunited they shall appear at the Great White Throne Judgment and then be cast into the Lake of Fire – not to be annihilated, but to suffer everlasting conscious punishment and torment.

9. The Creation: We believe God created all things – consisting of all time, space and matter – in six literal 24-hour days. We reject all compromise of Biblical truth with evolutionary theories.

10. Civil Government: We believe God ordained and created all authority consisting of three basic institutions – the home, the church, and the state; that every person is subject to these authorities, but all (including the authorities themselves) are answerable to God and are governed by His Word; that God gave each institution specific Biblical responsibilities and balancing those responsibilities with the understanding that no institution has the right to infringe upon the other; and that the home, the church, and the state (in that order) are each sovereign in their respective Biblically assigned sphere of responsibility under God.

11. Human Sexuality: We believe God has clearly commanded that no sexual intimacy occur outside of a marriage between a man and a woman, and that homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, incest, fornication, adultery and pornography are sinful perversions of God’s gift of sex.