We support Redwood Teen Challenge –  who help those with life dominating addictions get to know the only Physician who can heal them and make them new! They work in a beautiful facility  God has blessed them with in Eureka Ca – You can find more information Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.32.30 PMon their website @ www.redwoodtc.org



We also recently started supporting Kevin and Katherine Bubna serving the Lord with Missionary Ventures in Mozambique Africa.
You can find more info for them at www.GreatHarvestInternationalMinistries.com!


Our Lord told us to go out into all the world and make disciples! Please pray for these and other missionaries who have given their lives to serve the Lord by doing just that!



We also have a small ministry to assist missionaries and smaller churches with technical and graphic help through software training and website help. If you know of a ministry that could use some assistance please let us know or send them a link to our Mission Tech site via our Pastor’s Internet Information website – at www.IT4Trinity.comLogo TopportionOnlywithCross