Everyone has one, right? Only if my opinion matches truth is it helpful. It may not exactly be perfect in matching truth, as I am always going to “color” things to some degree. But, we must give great effort to always be giving a reason for the hope that is within us. I am a part of the “us” whether I like it or not so I am accountable to others and that means accountable to listen to others and also to communicate to others.

So, here it goes. I will tell you what I am thinking.  I am starting a blog. I am not thinking of just my opinions or yours or others. I am thinking of writing down what I believe the Bible says on things and subjects and issues. These would be issues as they are presented in the Bible, but in light of current issues to some degree. Although, it would not be culture driven per se. It would come from a pastoral perspective because that is the only one I have right now, but it would be flavored with my experiences and opinions so it would not be authoritative. (As well, it would not be because of my own flaws – say the word “sin” resolutely here.)  It is disappointing to have to say that but it is needful because if I say it is authoritative then I would be writing “Bible” and that book is finished. It would therefore seek to be Biblical in every sense of the word because that is the source for truth as I see it and as I believe it to actually be and through great pains we can approach that high and elevated plane with grit and sweat and pain and with the Almighty Spirit of God that lives in us and the help of the Body of Christ at large.

If this would be helpful and if you would like to be able to comment on the opinions set forth in the aforementioned blog then let me know at my email address. (pastured@lewistoncommunitychurch.org) (yah that is a new address but is actually there because pastorrod@lewistoncommunitychurch.org got spell checked – and then once I looked at it I like it. So, I am going over to the server we use and add the new email address and I might get used to the idea…since Jesus is my Shepherd and He pastures me regularly – thank you Lord – and He is the Chief Shepherd…) I promise I won’t use so many parentheses in the new blog…

Anyway email me your ideas for subjects. I might also entertain short and pithy articles by those whom I trust to be faithful to the Word. If that is you and you are led to then write me at the email address above. (either one) I will pray about that.

One more thing. If you don’t have time to read blogs about the Bible then stop what you are doing and read the Bible. (that was “kind of a joke” but not really) There I go with parentheses again. So much for consistency. The Bible must be the center of our thinking and if you read it you may find that your priorities may change and you may have time to read our discussion of our favorite book!

This is important – if you disagree with me and are a Christian then you must still love me and we must be kind and gentle and respectable with each other. Your comments will not be allowed if you cannot hold to those guidelines. That being said, I don’t mind someone being passionate about their disagreements with my “opinion” so let’s be the iron that sharpens and not be shy or walk on egg shells either.

If you have thoughts on issues that you would like my opinion on please send that along too. It may take some time as I would like to thoughtfully and carefully consider each article. We live in exciting times as I believe the coming of the Lord is near. For that reason I want to include issues that have to do with the signs of the times and there is so much going on that I will rely on other Christians to let me know about things that they become aware of.

Anyway – I love you all, whoever reads this line at the end. I mean that! I love you all because Jesus loved me and gave Himself for me and is coming again for me. He died to atone for sin and to save sinners and that is the basis for our life as believers. Because He poured out such love for me I can say truly that I love you. I have been forgiven much so I love much and both those things are true. To love Jesus is to love God. God is love according to 1 John. To love God means that I love by definition and not by compulsion but I am “constrained” as Paul says in 2 Corinthians to love because He first loved me. I am praying that my love will grow up and mature and bear fruit that resembles in kind that of the true vine whose love was and is and always shall be pure and true and good and palpably sweet!



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